Our 2016 “Excellence in Preparedness” Award Recipients

This year we are pleased to recognize Los Altos CERT, Almaden Valley Emergency Response Team, Tzu Chi and Our Lady Of Fatima Villa.

  • Los Altos CERT – nominated by Los Altos PREPARE and Los Altos Block Action Team (programs of the Los Altos Community Foundation) and the residents of Los Altos, this outstanding group of individuals successfully re-started the CERT program in Los Altos.  The Los Altos team spends countless hours helping with neighborhood drills and educating the Block Action Team Leaders on completing a Preliminary Safety Assessment form, to use after a major event.
  • Almaden Valley Emergency Response Team – started in 2015 has provided a communication infrastructure utilizing radios in the neighborhood CERT team. They utilize this radio net on a daily basis in the Almaden area. The CERT team utilizes the ICS and SEMS organizational structure along with helping Medical, Fire Safety, Search/Rescue in their efforts. They have been able to establish drills and meetings to benefit the community residents. Members of AVERT have also worked with the schools to make sure there are disaster supplies in their local schools.
  • Tzu Chi – works to end the suffering of those in need, and create a better world for all. In Chinese, “tzu” means compassion, and “chi” relief: With open hearts and helping hands, their volunteers are here to serve you. They devote their time in our community and other communities in the mission of charity expanded to medical care / dental care / disaster response and preparation/ food / help for homeless/ education programs/ mind and physical and emotional health. They provide assistance to many people and agencies in the county, in the USA and Internationally.
  • Our Lady Of Fatima Villa – is a skilled nursing & assisted living facility of approximately 142 residents in Saratoga, CA and have trained employees through CERT training in over 10 years. The institution has a strong belief in disaster preparedness as a high priority for all employees. They have had drills and exercises have been internal to test their own procedures and have been involved with the Santa Clara County Fire Department, the City of Saratoga, Saratoga CERT, the Saratoga Medical Reserve Corps, and the Saratoga Amateur Radio Association. OLFV stands out as an especially well prepared institution in the community because of its work with partner agencies.



Our 2015 “Excellence in Preparedness” Award Recipients

This year we are pleased to recognize the Silicon Valley Community Foundation for their Excellence in Preparedness. Silicon Valley Community Foundation is a leader in preparedness not only for their organization, but for other nonprofits throughout the community. They consistently talk the talk AND walk the walk.

  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation – Some examples of their work to increase readiness in Santa Clara County (and the Peninsula) include:
    • Completion of a comprehensive plan for their organization and regularly scheduled drills and updates to the plan.
    • Development of a framework for planning for nonprofits—including an expanded and im-proved incident command format to better address the nonprofit sector.
    • Sharing of examples and best practices in preparedness to all organizations they fund.
    • Providing funding for disaster preparedness.
    • Development of a process and protocol to quickly provide funds to a select group of critical need organizations after an event.
    • Providing quarterly networking and training opportunities for those organizations.
    • Keeping up-to-date on cutting edge readiness issues. Recently the Foundation provided a forum for nonprofits to learn about new communication methods for communities and those affected by disasters.

CONGRATULATIONS Silicon Valley Community Foundation, WE APPLAUD YOU !!!


Our 2014 “Excellence in Preparedness” Award Recipients

This year we are pleased to recognize two exemplary individuals and programs:

  • Sheri Dodsworth for her passion for preparedness that has motivated the City of Los Altos to strengthen preparedness efforts for a major earthquake. Sheri has been instrumental in guiding a fledgling Los Altos Prepare organization. She has recruited, inspired and supported the program with her commitment and leadership to build a multi-month training program that has gained the recognition of the City, Los Altos Community Foundation, Los Altos Police Department and County Fire.
  • Carolyn Filatrault and her team at Hope Services Gilroy who have worked diligently to train clients on what to do when a disaster strikes. Carolyn and her team educate and lead daily practice on immediate actions and evacuation procedures for many different hazards and possible emergency events. Through short 15 minute safety briefings, they remind Hope Services’ learning and physically disabled clients what to do and how to help create a more resilient community.

“Excellence in Leadership”

  • Anna Swardenski ~ In appreciation for leadership, vision and dedication to CADRE




Our 2013 “Excellence in Preparedness” Award Recipients

  • Gene Sawyer served as the Chair of CADRE’s Leadership Team from 2008 until his retirement from the City of Santa Clara Fire Department in 2012. Gene was instrumental in guiding CADRE through our revitalization efforts and the transition to current leadership of the American Red Cross and United Way partnership. We thank Gene for his many years of service, his leadership and his contributions to all of the organizations involved.


  • Frances Jacobs, Emmanuel Baptist Church has worked diligently towards creating an emergency or disaster plan for not only Emmanuel Baptist Church members, but also the heavily populated, diverse community which surrounds this church in San Jose. During the past two years, Fran (at right in  image) has worked to set up a disaster plan so that this community and area will be imminently prepared during a disaster. Fran actively utilized resources from CADRE, FEMA, State, and on-line emergency and disaster plans to build on how to assist seniors and persons with physical and mental disabilities.


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