Emergency preparation checklist

CADRE Membership

Being a CADRE Member allows you to have access to the full library of CADRE resources from our Annual Conferences, Workshops, and trainings.

All you have to do is fill out and submit the Membership Application.

Upon receipt and approval of your membership application, you will be added to the CADRE database and will then receive information about all of our upcoming workshops and events.


CADRE membership has three categories:

  • Leadership
  • Members
  • At-large Participants

CADRE Leadership

Leadership Council members would be active and dedicated to CADRE mission, vision and programs of the Network. Each representative would have a defined role and set of responsibilities as a CADRE Leadership Council member. They would be expected to be actively involved in both CADRE preparedness and operational activities as needed. Further, each agency that is represented in CADRE Leadership Council would be expected to have a:

  1. Agency Disaster Mission statement
  2. Agency Emergency Plan
  3. Continuity of Operations Plan

CADRE Member

Member agencies and representatives would be active in workshops and trainings offered by CADRE. They would participate in planning projects, disaster exercises, annual conference planning and/or as speakers and trainers for CADRE workshops. In addition, members may serve on subcommittees or task forces for CADRE Leadership as needed. Further, each member agency would be expected to work towards completion of:

  • Agency Emergency Plan and/or Continuity of Operations Plan
  • Defining “essential services” for their own agency/department if emergency or disaster strikes
  • Self-sufficiency for staff and clients with emergency supplies
  • Establishing relationship with local emergency manager

CADRE At-Large Participants

At-Large Participants includes those organizations and individuals who are primarily interested in receiving communications from CADRE (e.g. listserv or database, mostly one way communications from CADRE).

These participants are expected to opt in or opt out of participating in the CADRE network at-will and may have sporadic participation in programs and activities of the Network.

At-Large Participants would also be those agencies, organizations and individuals whose services or offices are located outside of Santa Clara County. This would include representatives from neighboring counties, federal or state agencies such as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA), Cal Volunteers, and national VOAD agencies that do not have an office or representative in located in Santa Clara County.

At-Large Participants may be expected or asked to interface with the CADRE Network for both preparedness and operational activities.

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