Strategic Plan Overview: The transition from CADRE 2.0 to 3.0 highlighted the need to create a more formalized infrastructure for CADRE’s leadership and build on the successes of CADRE’s past to take CADRE into the future. The purpose of the Strategic Plan for CADRE is to focus on steps needed over a 3 year period (2010-2013) to develop network sustainability and increase the operational capacity of CADRE member agencies. Primary outcomes of the initial strategic planning process were to:
  • Develop CADRE Mission Statement
  • Develop CADRE Vision Statement
  • Develop strategic planning goals for CADRE 3.0
  • Formalize the CADRE membership structure
  • Determine network organizational structure
  • Develop an agreed upon leadership/governance structure for CADRE
  • Develop further definition around operational roles for CADRE Leadership and key membership organizations, as needed
Below we've provided the Table of Contents as a reference for complete plan contents.  For download of the complete plan go to: Strategic Plan  
    Table of Contents
      I. Executive Summary II. CADRE Mission and History III. Goals & Objectives IV. Network Organizational Structure V. Leadership & Governance VI. Administrative & Fiscal Management VII. Attachments
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