CADRE Committees

Program Committee

The Program Committee has oversight of events, training and other activities that CADRE carries out for benefit to its members or the community in general. If necessary, it may convene temporary sub-committees or work groups to manage specific projects. The committee may produce projects at the request of the Leadership Council; any events originating within the Program Committee must have the approval of the Leadership Council. Additionally, all project budgets must be reviewed by the Finance Committee and approved by the Leadership Council. The Committee shall set its meeting schedule but must meet at least once quarterly.

Membership Marketing

The Marketing Committee has oversight of the communications function for CADRE, which includes promotion, publicity, and all other organizational communications such as its website and newsletters. The committee will create and maintain a set of graphic standards for CADRE; provide collateral materials in support of promotion, member recruitment, and fundraising; and support the critical process of keeping members and community partners informed of CADRE activities. During responses and in coordination with the County’s Joint Information Center (JIC), the Committee will focus on disseminating information about availability of CADRE services to those that need them.

Fundraising and Fiscal Management

The Fundraising Committee has oversight for providing the financial resources needed to support the programs and administration of CADRE. The Committee will also determine policies and procedures needed for its operations which will be submitted to the Leadership Council for discussion and ratification. This committee has oversight for all financial transactions for CADRE; including budgeting, reporting, and grants administration. The committee will facilitate identification of annual budgeting and fundraising goals. The committee will also facilitate the presentation of financial strategic and policy decisions to the Leadership Council for discussion and ratification.

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